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Online ordering for AiG’s Bible-upholding resources is now more secure than ever.

HackerSafe is an elite certification our AiG website has earned (and our web team has worked hard to get). For customers, the HackerSafe badge means our site is secure and customer information is safe through the entire browsing and ordering process. Customers can order with even more confidence, because the site is scanned daily to guarantee there are no vulnerabilities (and in the rare event any are found, we can fix them immediately). For hackers, the HackerSafe badge means our store is not an easy target but is instead protected with the highest levels of security, so that criminals are deterred even before they attempt anything.

We now show the Hackersafe logo as you can see in the following screen shot from AiG's website. hackersafe

The AiG web team has been making many fantastic changes to AiG's already very popular website—one of the most-accessed Christian websites in the world.

I encourage you to link to the web article (it was the lead article yesterday) on the AiG website that explains some of the changes.


What is a “slow” day at the Creation Museum? Well Mondays and Wednesdays tend to be slow days—several hundred people still typically visit the Creation Museum on those days (e.g., nearly 550 people yesterday—Monday), but they are usually slower than the other days. However, even on so-called “slow” days we are amazed at where people come from.

This past Monday, someone counted license plates from 26 states and also 3 Canadian provinces in our parking lot! In fact, today (Tuesday) there is a bus load of over 50 people from a church in Ontario, Canada (I will try to get a photo of them for my blog). I often meet people from Canada here in the museum—in fact, I am finding the number of Canadian visitors is growing as the reputation of the museum spreads by word of mouth!


Dr. David Menton and I (as well as AiG–UK speakers) will be speaking at a major AiG–UK conference in the Waterfront Auditorium in Belfast, N. Ireland, this coming Friday and Saturday. Last time I spoke in this auditorium (I believe it seats 2,000), every seat was filled. We are again expecting large crowds this coming Friday/Saturday. You can obtain detailed information about this unique, powerful conference on AiG’s website.


Dr. Crandall (director of AiG WorldWide) issued a call to pray for fellow Christians in the country of Myanmar (Burma). A horrible cyclone (hurricane) has ripped through the country and up to 10,000 people have been killed. Dr. Crandall has been to Myanmar and has contacts with many Christians in over 600 churches.

Let’s be in prayer for this hurting country and pray that the Christians will have many opportunities to share the “peace of God that passes all understanding.”


“Stands defiant”

(John 10:27–28) My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

When our enemy threatens to cause us to perish our Great Shepherd stands defiant between us and him & protects us stating that He has given to us eternal life.

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