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Around 1500 churches so far have signed up for AiG’s VBS program entitled “Amazon Expedition.” Recently we were contacted by a group in Egypt who will be using the VBS in that country. We also had contact from a family in the U.K. who will be coming to the U.S. for a vacation and wanted their children to do the VBS program at a church while they are here.

If your church has not signed up for a VBS program yet—get them to consider the Amazon Expedition VBS—it is a great apologetics program for kids to teach them about the Christian faith and how to defend it in today’s world.


I praise the Lord for the way he uses this ministry to influence the younger generations. The following testimony is just one of many such examples showing what can happen when a child is brought up on a biblical foundation with AiG apologetics resources/teaching:

Please tell Ken Ham that he should be very proud of [our son] Couple of weeks ago at dinner time, [he] told us: I have done a lot of witnessing in class to day…… then he told us what happened: (He is in 11th grade.) Lately, their Humane Letter class material was the book of Genesis, but they have to read The New Oxford Annotated version only. During class discussion, he pulled out a lot of the material he learnt from attending Ken Ham’s conferences here. (The first one was when he was 10 years old–the one that Ken asked the kids how did the Dinosaurs died…) He is in a preparatory school …Over 60% of the students and teachers are Catholic, some protestants, few Muslim, and a number of atheists. The current Humane Letter teacher is atheist; she was very interested & impressed when [he] quoted a lot of the science stuff he learnt from Ken. One of the female students, who is atheist and had been turned off by two dedicated Catholic girls in the class for they have been arguing out of “blind faith” in the past couple of years during class discussions on religious and moral issues, was very interested in all the things [he] had to say. Normally she would switch off and would not participate, but that day after the class, she took [him] to one side as she had more questions. Also the other classmates said: so dinosaurs did live with humans at one time! [He] had more opportunities in following days as they have to finish the book of Genesis…Please tell Ken Ham that he should be proud of [him]. What I really means is that: [he] is part of his legacy . . . .”

I am presently in Arkansas getting ready for speaking in a church Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and then the AiG conference in another church Sunday evening and Monday evening (with special programs for elementary/middle and high schoolers during the day). You can obtain all the details from the AiG website.


Cross roads

(Pro 16:8) Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.

Business presents challenging cross roads where we can choose the better of foregoing money to do what is right or silence the voice of right to bow before money.

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