Mankind to Make Contact with Aliens in 20 Years?

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Well—that is the claim made by an evolutionary astrophysicist on a BBC program. The report in London’s Daily Mail states:

“Mankind will make contact with intelligent alien life within two decades, leading astronomers claim.”
The report continues with a very interesting statement:
The 76-year-old—who founded the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project (SETI) in 1961—added: “We really believe that in the next 20 years or so, we are going to learn a great deal more about life beyond Earth and very likely we will have detected that life and perhaps even intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy.”
I couldn’t help but comment on this statement from astrophysicist Dr. Frank Drake. You see, at his age, he is not likely to live another 20 years. Some time within the “next 20 years or so,” Dr. Drake is going to “learn a great deal more about life beyond Earth,” as he (like everyone else on earth) will die and meet his Creator! It is so sad that Dr. Drake and his colleagues have been spending millions of dollars searching the universe or intelligent life—so wanting an intelligence outside of earth to make contact with them. They ignore the fact that the infinite intelligence (the Creator God of the Bible) spoke through prophets, stepped into human history to visit us in a special way (the God-man, Jesus Christ), has had written down for all the world to read the true history of the universe (the Bible)—and, most of all, paid the penalty for our sin and offers a free gift of salvation so we can live with our Creator for eternity.

I pray that Dr. Drake’s eyes will be opened to see the intelligence he really is seeking for. You can read the entire article at:

It was thrilling to receive this feedback from Argentina concerning the Spanish Videos AiG has produced (you can find more information about this series from the AiG website):

Absolutely . . . credible. Totally . . . believable. How did they get a translator whose voice fits the face of (Abe) Ken. Mexican DVD series is great. Thank you.

I really feel for students such as this one who wrote to us today:

Hi, I am a public high-school student, and God bless you for bringing comfort to my soul. I know you all must understand how hurtful it is to a young Christian in the public school system, how Satan can easily sneak lies into a young mind—deceiving it into thinking that they are unknowledgeable; therefore, whatever is taught to us from our teachers are truths/facts, and anything that goes against this is false/lies.

I am very interested in science, and the concept of creation vs. evolution is always in my face; I was beginning to feel forced to believe that the Bible’s account on creation was all wrong, even though it did not sit right in my heart. I wish to say more about my testimony, but it is late and I have school tomorrow! I’m just so moved by what I have read on this site; it really helped to re-establish my faith. I feel it is unexplainable and overwhelming! My point is that you should add a discussion for people like me who need support because we’re all in this together.

Actually, we have been talking about introducing some sort of discussion section on our website—but we are still looking into all the pros and cons of that.



(1Co 15:3) For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

The best witness is the one who is raptured with the fact that God has saved him.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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