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While I was in Georgia preparing for our Evans (Augusta) seminar (and where it’s about 30 degrees warmer than back home!), our staff in northern Kentucky was treated to a special worship time this morning with well-known guitarist/singer—and radio host—Pat Corn.

Pat leads the worship of a unique congregation called “The Smoky Mountain Cowboy Church” in the Smoky Mountains—right in Pigeon Forge and near the famous theme park Dollywood—and a few miles down the road from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. In addition to his regular worshippers (hundreds of them), the church also attracts up to 400 guests on a Sunday morning (after all, many millions of tourists come to the Smoky Mountains every year). Pat seeks to attract out-of-town visitors who are looking for a worship service on Sundays—and he hopes that non-Christians who are visiting this scenic part of America (about 5 hours from our AiG offices) will also attend. See


Every Sunday at 10 a.m., Pat co-hosts a gospel-singing worship program—with Bible teaching—that is also heard on WSM radio (a high-power station out of Nashville), on shortwave radio, and on XM satellite radio. He is backed by a 10-piece band and singers.

His devotional for our staff on Thursday morning—along with some music—was based on worshiping God through music. Pat also talked about Galatians 5 and the fruits of the spirit, and then he shared his testimony of how since 1981 he has used his music to primarily worship God, and not to entertain (which he originally used his music to do).

His worship service can be heard live on Sunday mornings at 10am (ET) at this website.

(this site will also tell you more about The Cowboy Church).

Or you can hear the recorded program on the mega-station WSM 650am—Sunday mornings at 5:30am:

Pat spent the past two days at AiG with his wife Monica—both of them hosted by AiG staff members and good friends, Bob and Jan Thompson. Pat told us that he was “astounded” by the Creation Museum, and that the talented staff was clearly inspired to serve God with their abilities. Our planetarium program in particular was impressive, he informed us.

By the way, I was told that Pat plays a Maton guitar, which is made in Australia. Pat considers it to be the finest guitar made anywhere in the world. Why am I—an Australian—not surprised?


It does not snow too often here in northern Kentucky, but when it does, it blankets AiG’s 49 acres, and many of us not only break out shovels but cameras as well. Enjoy the photos.

2-20-2008-023.jpg 2-20-2008-031.jpg 2-20-2008-036.jpg

2-20-2008-041.jpg 2-20-2008-046.jpg

In a few weeks it will warm up enough so that our museum guests can walk our trails (about a mile in length) and see our botanical gardens, all an easy stroll from the front of the Creation Museum.

As always, thank you for visiting this daily blog, and thank you for praying.


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