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The Creation Museum hosted nearly 50 tourism partners on Friday during the monthly meeting of the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau “roundtable.” The roundtable is a chance for hotels and area attractions to hear about new initiatives in the local tourism market.

The speaker was Linda Antus, president of the Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network ( You can imagine how the local hotels and other attractions have benefited from the opening of the Creation Museum (hotel stays, meals in the area, etc.)---with over 315,000 guests since late May! We are happy to partner with the local convention and visitors bureaus as well as organizations such as and the Tourism Council of Greater Cincinnati ( to feature our Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region as a great place to come for family vacations. Here are some pictures of the event:


Over 2,200 visited the Museum yesterday (Saturday). Guest relations staff are gearing up for a big day on Monday (Presidents’ Day holiday).


This past week, the Citizen USA newspaper, a Christian-based paper read throughout the mid-west, featured a story about the Creation Museum bookstore. The article stated:

At the end of their “walk through history” tour, visitors to the Answers in Genesis (AiG) Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky end up in the Dragon Hall Bookstore. The bookstore is stocked with books, DVDs, and other materials that should be of interest to supporters of AiG’s creationist message, to skeptics who do not believe, and to everyday book lovers and the curious. For convenience, the bookstore is also open to non-ticket holders of the museum . . . The bookstore is named Dragon Hall because the AiG ministry believes that the dragons of mythology were in reality living dinosaurs that coexisted alongside human beings not millions, but thousands of years ago.

You can read the entire article at:

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