Scientific American Mocks Christians/Creationists

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By and large the general secular press has reported well on the Creation Museum and other AiG ministries. However, when the scientific secular journals cover creationists, they often do so with a mocking tone, sarcasm, and disdain. One rarely sees an attempt to deal properly with real scientific evidence that allegedly goes against creationists. Such a pattern continues with a news item from Scientific American’s website. They state concerning the news release about AiG’s new free online technical journal called Answers Research Journal:

Bible finally submitted for peer review

Answers in Genesis, the group that last year shelled out $27 million to open the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., is at it again. This time, the intelligently designed group has established its own journal for creationist scholars who want their work reviewed by fellow biblical literalists—without the scientific worldview sticking its monkey nose in.

Evolutionists can’t stand being challenged by creation scientists—so they usually respond by mocking them!

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From time to time we receive communications from people telling us they have funded a subscription to Answers magazine for their public library. I thought this testimony might challenge some of you to do the same (I deliberately left out the name/location of this library, as, sadly, those who oppose creationists have been known to use various tactics to try to stop people from being able to get access to such a publication):

Thank you for the excellent materials that AIG provides. I feel that there is a great need for truth of Genesis to be brought before the people of this nation. Due to that need, I obtained permission from the [public library] . . . to have your Answers magazine placed in the libraries magazine section. I just placed the order for the gift subscription and am excited to be able to play a small part in getting your materials into the hands of those in [city omitted]. Thank you for your excellent work in this area!”
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