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On Saturday, we were privileged to host representatives of the large Creation organization in Korea (Korea Association for Creation Research) at AiG/Creation Museum.

Nak-Kyung Kim, Bun-Sam Lim, and Kye-Heon Jeong (all PhD scientists) came over from Korea to talk about translating AiG resources (including Answers magazine), AiG articles etc., and to also talk about the building of a Creation Museum in South Korea (they say about 25% are Christian in this nation).

Plans are underway for a Bible Theme Park (on 800 acres) in South Korea, and the person heading up the project wants the creation organization to work with AiG with a view to using exhibits etc. designed for AiG’s Creation Museum as a basis for a Museum of Creation in the Theme Park.

I have included photographs of the three visitors with AiG’s Museum exhibit design director Patrick Marsh and me, and another one with Dr. David Crandall who heads up AiG WorldWide.


We look forward to a much closer association with this Korean group. Dr. Crandall is going over to their major conference in May to speak about the work of AiG and the Creation Museum.


On Feb 15 (the day after Valentine’s Day), there is a special event at the Creation Museum. (By the way--this event is already over 50% sold out--so don't miss out.) In fact, the event received a write up in Saturday’s Kentucky Enquirer newspaper. Here are excerpts from what the newspaper article stated:

Come Valentine's Day, the Creation Museum will be celebrating two kinds of love - that between a man and a woman, and the love between a person and God. The museum will present on Feb. 15 a one-woman play called "The Story of Gomer," an Old Testament story of a woman loved by her husband despite her infidelity and sin ." We want people to feel how much God loves you, how much he sacrifices for you," said Geri Campbell, 41, of Hebron, the show's creator and primary performer…Gomer is a female character in the Book of Hosea. …The story of Hosea and Gomer also serves as a metaphor for God's relationship with his people. " God is sending you a Valentine, telling each and every person personally that he loves you," Campbell said. …For Campbell, it's a very personal story. She was a Christian as a young person, but found herself straying from God's plan for her. "Jesus' love took me back. I made a promise that if he would forgive me, I would use my talents and my abilities to show other people that they can be taken back as well," she said… She has performed it around the country for the past two years through In-Step Ministries. When she found herself in Northern Kentucky, she was drawn to the Creation Museum, where she and her husband became part of the guest services staff. Now the play is the first drama presentation at the museum.
You can read the entire article at:

You can find out more details about the Gomer presentation and how to reserve your spot at the Creation Museum website.

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