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Pastors, Christian scientists, missionaries, and Christian laymen in Japan met with AiG’s Dr. David R. Crandall to discuss how to most effectively get the creation message all over Japan. AiG WorldWide (of which Dr. Crandall is the Director) has agreed to publish and print my book The Lie in the Japanese language.

This meeting was held in a Christian Ministry building in downtown Tokyo; it was indeed a good central location for this meeting. Afterwards, the director, Michiko Mizumura and the vice president, Sugiyama Motor, of Creation Research Japan took Dr. Crandall to the largest Christian Book store, CLC Books, in Tokyo. This bookstore is also the feeder store for other bookstores all over Japan. Here is Dr. Crandall for the rest of the report:

The store was packed with Christian books both in Japanese and English. I was very impressed with the bookstore. It is a must visit for Christians who visit Japan. I wondered out loud if they had ever heard of AiG or Ken Ham. We asked to see the manager of the English division and very graciously Mr. Iwasaki Mike came to meet us.
The Surprise:
After proper introductions, I asked if he had ever heard of Answers in Genesis or Ken Ham. Much to our delight his face lit up with joy and said, ‘Ken Ham, he is my hero; I listen to him all the time on the Internet—he is just wonderful.’ Once again we were exposed to the far-reaching ministry of AiG. Then it got even better when he said, ‘When I discovered AiG, I immediately ordered AiG books, and we sell them here in our store.’

“We followed him to the CREATION section of the store and saw our books both in English and Japanese. He then explained that he used to follow progressive creationist Dr. Hugh Ross, but now totally rejects his ideas and has become a young-earth creationist because of Ken’s messages and the Bible. When we told him that Ken Ham was coming to Japan he was absolutely thrilled and has offered to help in any way possible and use the bookstore to advertise the conference to the entire Christian community. We left the bookstore and once again praised God for another Divine Appointment.

Dr. Crandall sent the three photographs to accompany this blog item:


Picture 1: Dr. Crandall and Iwasaki Mike


Picture 2: Michiko Mizumura and Dr. Crandall


Picture 3: Michiko with Japanese translation


Mally and I received this very encouraging note this week:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ham, I just want to let you know you are in my prayers. I have been particularly blessed by your ministry in the last few weeks (more so than usual, considering that I’ve been blessed by your ministry for several years, of course).Just in the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to use AIG materials to help a lot of people in their spiritual walks. I have a lot of friends at church who have been shocked by your materials; they had been compromising blindly with progressive creationism, thinking it was a biblical thing. My pastor, I think, had been a true creationist all along, but didn't have a clue what to say in answer to progressive creation—he is grateful now and says he likes your materials! Keep up the good work. Be not weary in well doing! In due season we shall reap if we faint not. Thanks, and God bless you!
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