Creation Museum and a Two Year Old

by Ken Ham on January 18, 2008

When I am out speaking, I am often asked what is the youngest age to benefit from the Creation Museum.

I like to explain that the message of the museum is communicated at different levels and in different ways:

  1. Signs—There are lots to read, but mostly at a layman's level
  2. Videos—Nearly 50 videos of varying lengths (usually 2–4 minutes or so) covering many different subjects.
  3. Audio—One can hear sounds and commentary in various places.
  4. Theaters—You can visit the Planetarium, the Special Effects Theatre, and three other theaters with highly visual presentations.
  5. Exhibits (models, animatronics, etc)—Even young children will experience the history of the universe from a biblical perspective just walking through the museum, even if they can’t read or understand most of the videos. To illustrate that this is so, I urge you to read this email sent to us about a two year old who visited the Creation Museum:
The Creation Museum is not lost on the really young. My 2-year-old son Elijah visited the museum in July (along with the rest of the family). Months later, he has decided that he should pretend that he is going to the Creation Museum. He lines up his dinosaurs, hands out tickets to us, and tells us all their names. Our little boy (having not been to the museum in many months) describes details of the museum—the brachiosaurus in the lobby that moves his head “like this” (as our son demonstrates with his hand) and the planatarium where our “seats went back to look at the stars on the ceiling.” He loves creation and especially all the kinds of dinosaurs God made. . . . Please remember when you’re work is tiring that you are making a large impact even on the smallest of children. We are hoping to make a trip back to the museum this year! Thanks for the ministry! [From B.H. in Pennsylvania]
So young and old—make sure you come to the Creation Museum—and come again and again. The more people get the message (from young children to adults), the more the culture will also be positively affected.

Creation Museum Limited Edition Ornament Series

In celebration of the Creation Museum’s first year, the museum design team has created a special limited-edition commemorative Christmas ornament series. (See photograph.) Collect all (4) designs while supplies last. $19.95 each on our website.

Creation Museum Ornaments

Special Lecture on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

What is the true origin of the “races”? Is it what Darwin and other secularists declare (humans have come from an ape-like ancestor) or what the Bible teaches (we’re created in the image of God)?

In my upcoming lecture here at our Creation Museum on Monday, January 21, I’ll show that all humans are of “one blood” (Acts 17:26). We can all trace our genealogy to Adam—there really are no different skin “colors.” This lecture coincides with the USA commemorating civil rights on that day (known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day).

AiG and publisher Master Books have recently released Darwin’s Plantation, an eye-opening discussion on the evils of racism and the true solution (found in the Bible) for racial reconciliation. On January 21, the lecture is entitled “What is the origin of the ‘races’?” It will also be an opportunity to have your copy of Darwin’s Plantation signed by me in the museum bookstore following the presentation.

Dr. Charles Ware of Crossroads Bible College co-authored this book with me. Dr. Ware is president of this college in Indianapolis; he is a popular speaker, author, and recognized leader in multicultural ministry and biblical racial reconciliation.

Next month, Dr. Ware will join me in speaking on the subject of racism at the Creation Museum—February 13 and 14. A book signing will follow these speaking events as well.

Come out to the museum on one of those days and find out what the Bible—and science—teach about all the different people groups. And see our special display on this topic inside the museum. The museum lectures are free to ticket-holders and museum members. Go to museum events calendar for information on our museum lecture series.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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