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If you have never considered signing up for AiG’s Answers Education Online program, I would encourage you to seriously check this out. We receive rave reviews from students. Recently, one of our online professors Dr. Georgia Purdom told me they were dealing with Noah’s Flood. In response to how floods “work” and why Noah’s Flood could not have been a local one, one of Dr. Purdom’s students submitted this very interesting account that I thought you would all benefit from. You will see why we label it:


This past spring, there were 11 days of rain. Our house sits on 4 acres of land on a river. In that 11 days the rising waters cut out and took with it a little more than a 2-inch depth of soil, moved rocks as large as a motorcycle, and ripped 40-foot trees out of the ground along a 2-acre stretch of our riverland. When it reached the line of trees that we use as a yard boundary, the rivers water did not stop. The river did not stop when it reached the house; it came up and surrounded the house, taking with it anything that was not on dry land, causing us to evacuate for 3 days and wonder if we would find our house intact when we could return. . . .

There is no doubt that we talked with God a lot then, had faith that He would see us through no matter what as we were watching all we worked for be swallowed by angry water, that even if the house went the way of the soil and trees, we still felt very blessed. I guess when my neighbor was laughing in our faces for praying for God’s intervention, he did not think he was at risk. God’s glorious hand held the waters from going inside our house, it was truly awesome to see . . . while our neighbor, who sat on higher ground, who did not believe in God, lost everything and then he cursed God. (How can you disbelieve and yet curse God when bad happens?)

On the day I got to go home, there was a small dry path leading to my front door, and a rainbow shining over the river. . . . What more could you ask for . . . ? The cost to replace and repair is nothing compared to seeing that kind of destruction up close and watching (witnessing) as God keeps His promises.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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