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I have been reading through the very latest special Answers magazine issue—the astronomy edition. And it really is “astronomical”! I am so proud of the Answers magazine team that put this, the world’s leading creation/worldview magazine, together—from the artists/designers to the writers and editors. There is nothing like this magazine in the world—and subscriptions continue to grow.

I have enclosed a few photographs, including one of me with our 18-month-old granddaughter as we looked at the pull-out chart in the special children’s magazine that is included with each issue.

12-28-2007-044.jpg 12-28-2007-046.jpg 12-28-2007-047.jpg


Answers magazine is not only fantastic for the whole family, but is great to give as a gift subscription for unsaved friends, close relatives, etc. and is also phenomenal to be purchased in bulk copies to use as a witnessing tool.

If you don’t yet receive Answers, I encourage you to subscribe—you can find out more about this incredible magazine and how you can receive it from our website. If you are from outside the USA, you can also subscribe and each issue will be airmailed to you.


I think I've heard that phrase before!! It is thrilling to read feedback already coming in about the new astronomy issue of Answers magazine—I thought this one should go in my blog—note the comment about the secular Sky and Telescope magazine:

“I have enjoyed all of the issues of Answers, but the astronomy issue I’ve especially enjoyed. I’ve been an amateur astronomer for many years, however, my interest in astronomy took a hit after reading the April 2005 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine. In that issue, the editor in chief encouraged his readers to resist creationist attempts to undermine evolution. It had the opposite effect for me, however, as I quickly quit my subscription for Sky and Telescope. It was encouraging for me to see articles of other amateur astronomers who believe God’s Word. I also liked the ideas for evangelizing others using the resources that Answers in Genesis provides. Keep up the great work.”
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