Ken Ham and a Dead Horse

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When AiG’s CCO, Mark Looy, told me about a newspaper article where a dead horse and I were being compared, I was intrigued and asked him to write this up for my blog. So Mark sent me the following (with one of his usual type puns he is famous for around AiG):

On the heels of an election for governor in AiG’s home state of Kentucky, another statewide referendum of sorts was held in the state.

One of Kentucky's leading newspapers, the Herald-Leader of Lexington, conducted an unscientific poll earlier this month to determine the state's “most intriguing newsmaker.” Although Ken Ham came in fourth place out of 25 nominees, we recognize that it is really the opening of the Creation Museum last May that is being acknowledged in this survey. Most humbling, though, was that the fact that winner in this race was—a horse! And a dead one at that—John Henry! (When a horse wins, you know that some responders were having a little fun with the poll; but we won't beat a dead horse and ask for a review of the race’s finish!)

The paper was clear to indicate that it was not looking for the most important newsmaker, or even the most popular—but one that Kentuckians “found to be the most interesting or fascinating.” Here is how we were listed among the nominees: “Ken Ham—T. rex in Paradise? The Aussie transplant and Answers in Genesis founder delighted fundamentalists and confounded evolutionists by opening a $27 million Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.”

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