Christmas Celebrations at the Creation Museum

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You can still be a part of this! Don’t miss out!

Answers in Genesis is thrilled with the monumental success of the first Christmas Celebration at the Creation Museum. This special event began December 14 and continues through December 28. Our beautifully designed outdoor bridges, gazebo, pergola and topiary dinosaurs are aglow with beautiful Christmas lights. Inside you will find decorations custom made by the museum design team. Stars in the Portico point to Christ the King of Christmas, portrayed in the nativity sculpture in the Museum Main Hall. See the attached photographs for a glimpse of this spectacular time.

This first Christmas features: local choirs raising songs of praise, Buddy Davis workshops for children, Dino-Mite reading time with our guest service staff for young ones under age 7, and each of the four special evenings ends with a lively Buddy Davis concert in the “Men in White” theater. Our guests have been raving about our main attraction: the first showing of the Christmas Star planetarium program produced by AiG Astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle. This glimpse into the majesty of God’s handiwork describes the star of Bethlehem that shined over Christ’s birthplace.

If you haven’t already purchased your special event tickets for the Christmas Celebration please call Customer Service 1-800-778-3390. Come join the new family tradition at the Creation Museum.

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