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One of our popular speakers, Dr. Terry Mortenson, receives a lot of feedback about his presentations. This one came in recently after Terry’s visit to Michigan. This person is finishing up his PhD in nuclear physics and astrophysics at a major secular university. He wants to come to the Creation Museum and meet some of our scientists, especially Dr. Jason Lisle (our astrophysicist). He wrote:

“My name is [removed], and we met this past Saturday and Sunday at Jension Bible Church in Hudsonville, MI. I just want to thank you again for coming and giving so many encouraging and informative talks. I have been struggling with evolution ever since my conversion, and the time at Jenison this past weekend was a breath of fresh air. Before, I ‘sat on the fence’ between creationism and theistic evolution, mostly in favor of creationism. The need for ‘spiritualizing’ death in order to reconcile pre-Fall with post-Fall dying in that worldview just doesn’t make much sense theologically. And your talks have helped me immensely, not only to crystallize the theological case against such a move, but also by providing me with scientifically rigorous criticism and an alternative to the old-earth view. Thank you for that. I am now firmly in the creationist camp!”

For the past few years, Dr. Mortenson has represented AiG at the annual Evangelical Theological Society convention. Terry presents a paper and mans a booth of AiG resources (many which we give away), all to influence the theological world concerning Genesis and biblical authority. After the recent ETS convention in California, Terry sent me this report:

A lady attended my paper critiquing Bill Dembski’s theodicy (his attempt to combine millions of years of animal death before Adam with the Bible’s teaching that all this animal death along with human death is a consequence of the Fall of Adam), which I presented at ETS. She is the wife of a PhD student at a major evangelical seminary where there are quite a few professors who are compromised with millions of years. She gave me a note after my presentation, which said, ‘I would like a copy of your paper. You have opened my eyes! Thank you!’ After I emailed her my paper, she wrote to tell me that she was also enjoying the New Answers Book, which she had purchased at our AiG booth at ETS. She was very appreciative of AiG’s presence at ETS. Many others who visited the AiG booth or attended my paper said they were so thankful for my efforts and AiG’s booth.
AiG has many outreaches to influence Christian leaders. Please pray for the effectiveness of these special events.

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