An Unusual Day at the Creation Museum

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A wide cross section of visitors can be found here during a typical day at the Creation Museum. Last Thursday was more unusual than most days, though.

A group of 16 naturalists with the Kentucky State Parks system toured the museum—the group’s leader said that many of our museum guests have been visiting Kentucky’s state parks (by the way, it is an excellent park system—one of the best in the U.S.) and have been asking questions of the park rangers about evolution and millions of years. Our museum guests have been so inquisitive that the park service wanted to have some of its staff visit the Creation Museum and see what is being presented here. The secular media (e.g., the Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky’s largest paper) have taken notice of the visit. As they were leaving, one of the park employees remarked to our staff that the museum “is a very impressive place.”

A couple visited from Nancy, France, that day. The husband is Egyptian born and was visiting some family members (who are keen AiG supporters) in Ohio. In the past few days, we have also had visitors from China, Taiwan, Brazil, and Japan. Also on Thursday, a couple from Adrian, Michigan, (the Eckels) decided to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary at the Creation Museum. And a newspaper reporter flew up on Thursday from Mobile, Alabama, to do a story on the museum for the Mobile Register.

Then there was a “web journalist” here with two colleagues on Thursday. They were observed filming—with a very nice video camera—inside the museum, so our staff asked if they were representing a particular media outlet. One of the men said that what will be shot at the museum might end up on the Internet. We got his name, checked Google, found his photo, and discovered that he is a “gay” activist. Well, I would guess that he was not too impressed with our exhibit on how some of the social issues of our day are connected to evolutionary thinking (though we don’t say evolution “causes” these ills—but fuels them).

People continue to pour into the Creation Museum.

I have a busy week ahead of me. We also need to do a lot of postproduction work on the videos from Saipan, so we can get them into the hands of the Chinese pastors as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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