Greatest Thing Since the Model T

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This would have to be my museum “quote of the week”—and it’s from a 5th grader!

“I am a full-time kid in 5th grade . . . I believe the Creation Museum has been the greatest thing since the Model T!! I think that the Creation Museum is awesome!!!!!!!! It's neat. I’ve been there once, and our church is going to go. I love the Creation Museum, and I believe it is influencing millions to follow Christ.”

Mally and I (and Dr. Tommy and Elizabeth Mitchell and Buddy and Kay Davis) are in upstate New York at the Word of Life Inn conference center for an AiG conference that started last night and runs through Sunday morning. We had a great start to the conference last night. One couple told me they were brought up in a conservative church but drifted away from the church, as they didn’t get answers (like the ones we give through our teaching). They came back to the church, and they are thrilled with the answers AiG gives—and now they want to make sure their own children get these answers. They came to the conference to learn so that they can also teach other children so they don’t drift away from the church as they did. Another man who is so concerned at what is being taught in his church brought his pastor to the conference. There are a lot of NEW people who haven’t heard us speak live.


Next Week Mally and I (and our video team) travel all the way across the Pacific to Saipan for an AiG conference. We will video the six programs being translated into Chinese so that the basic AiG messages on creation/Genesis/authority of Scripture will be available to the Chinese-speaking world. We have already done this in Spanish, and we have been asked to do this in Japanese and one of the main Indian languages. We believe this is a fantastic way to get this message around the world. Even if I were to visit China and give a few lectures—that would only reach a few people. But by making DVDs available in their language so they can be copied freely and sent out widely, this can potentially reach millions of people.

Please pray for the Saipan trip and pray that all the traveling goes smoothly.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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