Thanks for “Setting Us Free”

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All I can do is praise the Lord for the phenomenal response from the Christian Schools and Colleges Convention in Florida. There are so many testimonies I could tell you about, but one really stood out as the participants were leaving the conference. A teacher came to me and said "thanks for setting us free." She went on to say she did not realize how important the creation/evolution/age of the earth issue was and now she was going to be a very different and better teacher in the classroom. As we talked, it was obvious that she felt under bondage to the secular ideas (e.g., millions of years, evolution, dinosaurs), didn’t have the answers, and didn’t know what to do. But this conference has changed everything for her. Many others said similar things.

Again I heard feedback from some who had already been to the AiG Creation Museum. One teacher of a larger school said his close relative had just visited the Creation Museum and called him from the Museum to say "you have to get up here."

I had MANY schools tell me they either had booked to bring classes to the Museum or would now be starting to plan to bring students. As most of Florida is a good two day drive from the Creation Museum, these trips will take a bit of planning—most plan to get the students to save up so they can fly to Cincinnati. I think we’ll find AiG will be using its shuttle buses more and more for such groups—I’m pleased we do have the shuttle buses to do this.


We had to chuckle this week when we heard from a supporter who paid for an Answers magazine subscription to go to his Doctors office. The subscription was eventually cancelled. The reason: people were coming to the receptionist window and asking questions to the point that it was delaying their checking-in process.


We do get a lot of feedback from people who listen to our radio program. Even just a short email like this is very encouraging:

Love your work keep it up. I'm a new christian and am starting to learn the truth God bless

Guest Services will be offering a reading time to children in the Children's Area of the museum. The reading times will last 20-30 minutes and will feature children's books offered in the bookstore.

We will be tentatively offering these on Tuesdays and Thursdays, twice a day.

The Creation Museum is now offering MANY different sorts of programs in addition to the Museum exhibits. You can check out the programs on the Creation Museum website or call and ask—special programs can often be designed for groups, schools etc.

It’s a family day for us today—my family are celebrating the fact I have aged one more year!! Do we really want to "celebrate" that?

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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