New Programs Begin at Creation Museum

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The Creation Museum will soon begin a number of special programs.  For instance, a brand new Planetarium program is soon to be released—and you have an opportunity for a sneak preview—as well as other exciting opportunities:

Autumn Evening at the Creation Museum October 23-25 from 4-10pm

Enjoy the Creation Museum after closing with a limited number of guests.  Preview the NEW Planetarium program, AND hear an exciting presentation by astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle.  Special seasonal menu available at Noah’s Café, and optional Children’s Workshop for ages 4-6 and 7-11.  Visit for pricing and more information.  Purchase this exciting package today by calling 1-800-778-3390.

AiG is also introducing other special teaching programs as part of the Museum’s experience (this will not happen every day, but event programs will soon be on the web and printed programs given out on entry as this commences).  For instance, on Friday, Dr. Tommy Mitchell was able to give a presentation to a group.  Here is the response:
Dr. Mitchell’s talk today was outstanding… he delivered a powerful presentation called “We’re Taking them Back,” talking about Dinosaurs to Days to Fossils to Death.  The audience was rapt.  Thank you so much Dr. Mitchell for…providing another group an awesome Museum experience.
By the time you read this I should be in Wichita, Kansas.  Please be in prayer for the meetings I will be speaking at on Saturday evening.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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