Marriage and Divorce

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Now that can be an emotional subject! This past week, the chairman of the board of directors of AiG, Pastor Don Landis, gave three 30-minute devotions to the AiG staff on the topic of “Marriage and Divorce,” based on Matthew 19 and the discourse between Jesus, the Pharisees, and his disciples.

So many staff responded so positively to this series of messages (many asking for copies to listen to them again) that I thought it would be good to offer them publicly through my blog. As you know, AiG is serious about taking the text of Scripture as it is meant to be taken—and Pastor Don, as the board chairman, certainly leads AiG in ensuring we take God at His Word.

You can listen to his three consecutive messages below:

Part 1: Monday, October 8

Part 2: Tuesday, October 9

Part 3: Wednesday, October 10

Please pray for the Worldview Conference I am speaking at in Wichita, Kansas tomorrow.

Also, I will be on live radio tonight from 5:00–5.30 p.m. EST with Brannon Howse (from the Worldview Weekend ministry) to talk about the conference and take questions about Genesis, creation/evolution etc.

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