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I haven’t mentioned the continuing media coverage AiG and the Creation Museum gets for a while. So, don’t think the media coverage has slowed to a crawl now that the museum has been open more than four months! Today (Friday), we had a reporter here from GQ magazine, and held a phone conversation with a journalist at the Atlantic Monthly magazine. Also, Dr. Tommy Mitchell will conduct a lengthy interview with WPOS radio in Toledo, Ohio, one of the keenest radio supporters of AiG and the Creation Museum anywhere in the country. Saturday, a reporter and a photographer with one of Japan’s largest newspapers (Yomiuri Shimbun) will be touring the museum as well. On Sunday evening, Mark Looy, our CCO, will be heard on a lengthy interview on WTLN radio in Orlando, Florida. Speaking of media, come back to this site ( soon for our review of the American Atheist magazine’s coverage of the museum’s opening. You won’t believe what some of their writers said!

By the way—over 1000 visitors at the museum today!


I’ve attached a photograph of an Aussie family from our home church (Sunnybank Baptist Church, Brisbane) who spent two days at the Creation Museum this week as part of their vacation in the USA. It was a special treat for us to host the Anderson family. They said they will be going back to Australia with rave reviews of the Creation Museum and the Answers in Genesis ministry. They even decided to become lifetime members!! That tells you what they thought of the place, considering they live 10 thousand miles away!


I start the day early on Friday with a businessmen’s breakfast in the Main Hall of the museum.

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