Crossroads Bible College visits Creation Museum

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I have attached a photograph of students from Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis who visited the Creation Museum today. The President of the College, Dr. Charles Ware, is a great friend of AiG. Dr. Ware explains that an essential part of the dream at Crossroads Bible College and its mission statement-- Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ is

We envision that as leaders are trained in a biblically diverse environment, many will catch the dream and become agents of God in creating and/or serving in a grace relations movement. At the time of this writing the College is 52.5% “white,” 47.4% “black,” and .02% “other.” The College also has a diversity of generations and gender: 2 students under age 19; 10 students age 19-25; 35 students age 26-40; 45 students age 41 and over; 62% male and 38% female. Additionally, both the staff and board of trustees model diversity.
Crossroads intends to bring their students to the Creation Museum each year as part of their course work. Please pray more Bible Colleges will take the stand on Genesis that Crossroads does and bring their students to the Creation Museum.



I have attached a scan of a poster advertising my speaking in Saipan. Again, I would ask you to pray for these special meetings as my talks are translated into the Chinese language in an attempt to reach Chinese-speaking people with the creation/gospel message.


By early next week Creation Museum visitors will reach over 220,000!

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