Atheists with mathematics problems!

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The latest issue of the American Atheist magazine has articles (well—scathing attack articles) on the Creation Museum. They center their articles around the group that protested at the front gates of the museum on the first day open. One of the main articles has a bold headline:

“Hundreds Protest At Opening Of Creation Museum”

Well, we saw the protestors—some of our staff went out to talk with them—we took photographs—and in talking to one of their leaders, it was obvious that less than 150 actual people were involved in the protest in some way! We only ever saw around 90 at one time.

Then the article states, “The $27 million Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, built on 49 acres of lush countryside near Cincinnati, boasts state-of-the-art exhibits including 55 animatronic dinosaurs ….” Well, at last count there were FOUR (4) animatronic dinosaurs, and one (1) animatronic Pterodactyl. But it would be nice to have 55 animatronic dinosaurs!

And the rest of the article is just as “accurate.” The article tries to make out that this was some sort of massive demonstration. It was not. By the end of the day, a few hours before the Museum actually closed for the day, the protestors had greatly dwindled.

Meanwhile, 4000 people poured into the Creation Museum to praise the Lord for what He had done!

The American Atheist article is not available on-line, so I can’t give you a link to read it for yourself. Of course, for people who do not believe there is any absolute authority and they are just a result of natural processes, “truth” is relative and whatever you determine for yourself. So, some exaggeration to try to bolster the failed demonstration should not be unexpected. At least they are giving the museum more publicity!


Testimonies like this are so encouraging to our staff, and I trust encourage you also:

“I actually finally became a Chrisitian because of one of your events. I say actually and finally because I went to church and said I was a Christian before that, but I wasn’t, I didn't understand. Finally that happened during your event …I was a Christian before the AIG lectures, but I really wasn’t. Going to church every other Sunday and not reading the bible isn’t exactly being a Christian. The AIG event was so amazing. The speakers were great. I drove 5 hours to Cincinnati for it, it was the best trip of my life. Ever since then I have grown in my Christianity. I am in God’s word every day, sometimes twice, reading 30-50 pages a day. I am at church every week, then also for the men's ministry, and doing volunteer work there. I was just so unsure before the AIG event. I just don't think I believed enough. AIG changed everything. Weird questions I had like science conflicting the bible were answered. I learned to answer questions starting with the bible as the basis. Thank you very much.”

This week at AiG/Creation Museum has been “Staff Appreciation Week.” Each day, the leadership does something very special for the approximately 300 staff—such things as serving breakfast, providing lunch, etc. On Wednesday, some of the leadership team served ice-cream sundaes to all the staff. We have other special events/meals planned for the rest of this week. The AiG staff work hard—are so dedicated, because they love the Lord and know that whatever they do, it is done so people can be reached with the gospel.


After being away off and on for the past few weeks, I finally was able to spend some time walking through the whole Creation Museum again—and I noticed all sorts of changes—extra signs, modifications to exhibits, more animals, and so it goes on week after week. The design team are working on all sorts of additions/changes etc—and of course, we continually use qualified scientists/theologians etc. to ensure everything is accurate and true to Scripture and operational science.

I also want to thank all the research scientists and theologians who are such an integral part of the museum. Not only those from our own staff in the USA, but other USA scientists and theologians who have made such a phenomenal contribution to the Creation Museum.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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