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On Thursday morning, the 200,000th visitor came to the Creation Museum. What a praise point. We had told the media we predicted 250,000 for the first year. At the present rate (and we actually believe attendance will even increase over the next couple of months)—we should reach the 250,000 figure before the end of the year. People keep coming in day after day—even the midweek numbers have been higher than our model predictions.


Romans 8 reminds us that the whole of creation groans because of sin. And while we are living on this earth, we are not above the effects of sin on our bodies (the ultimate effect being physical death)—even though those of us who are Christians are spiritually healed. In recent times, I have done quite a number of radio interviews on my book How could a loving God …? as people are intensely interested in how one can believe in a loving God and yet see death, disease, and suffering all around us (I did a radio interview yesterday with a Minneapolis radio station—and, of course, the tragedy of the bridge collapse came up). I keep reminding people it is not God’s fault there is death and suffering—it is our fault because we rebelled against our Creator—we sinned in Adam. But our loving God, despite our rebellion, stepped into history to be a man, to suffer the penalty of death, to be raised from the dead, so we are offered a free gift of salvation. Thank you, Lord, for doing what none of us deserves.

One of our staff members and his family went through a sad event this week—a baby girl (granddaughter of staff member Steve) was born with a severe medical problem and died after about 2 months of life. The family issued this statement:

“Our beloved Samantha Jane stepped heavenward yesterday, September 17 at 6:17 in the evening. Her home going was a precious, holy experience that we will never forget. Although we are lonesome for her today, we rejoice with inexpressible joy that she is at this very moment beholding the glories of heaven—healthy, whole, and safe in the arms of God. This may not be a path that we would have chosen for our family, yet we would not change one step of the way, for on this journey we have received countless fresh glimpses into the merciful grace of Christ, His plan, His purpose, and His people. Thank you for being a part of the rich tapestry of blessing in our lives by your caring thoughts and prayers. We will celebrate Samantha’s life on earth and her eternity in heaven at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 21.”
I have also included a scan of a letter written for Samantha by her siblings.

I wanted to include this to show you that even though we as Christians grieve and struggle when such sad events occur; nonetheless, we all know that God is Sovereign, and we need to LET GOD be God! The testimony from this family reflects how sincere Christians react in such circumstances—a good lesson for all of us. Pray for this family.



Yesterday, I spoke for 20 minutes to the AiG staff as part of our staff appreciation week. As well as expressing appreciation for all they do in the ministry, I wanted to remind them of what this ministry is all about—the vital nature of their work and what the Lord has called them to be a part of. We recorded this message so you can also listen.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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