“Onion dollars” for the Creation Museum

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I was pleasantly surprised today when a family presented me with an ONION! (See photographs). However, with the onion was also a check for the Creation Museum. The Reek Family (parents: David and Anita; children: Rachel (17) and Paul (15)) volunteered at the Creation Museum this past week.

wisc-family-onion-money-gift-9-12-07-042.jpg wisc-family-onion-money-gift-9-12-07-047.jpg

On Wednesday, David with Rachel and Paul presented me with a check from the proceeds of the sales of Onions they grew. Apparently Rachel and Paul did a lot of work growing the onions—and they were so thrilled (as you can see on their faces in the photograph) to be able to donate money to the Creation Museum.

A big thank you to the Reek family (who live in Wisconsin) for their support of AiG—by the way, they live on “Genesis Road”!


The leader of a group that visited recently wrote:

“The Creation Museum was AWESOME. In pulling into the entrance, our bus driver said this wasn’t what he expected, thinking that it would be small and not impressive. WOW!...Everything is so professional at the museum... Ever since you came to [New York], I have you down on my daily prayer list. I just sent a $200 check to help. I am confident that thousands of others will do so especially when they visit the museum.”
On Wednesday a visitor at the Creation Museum was from Scotland—he heard me speak in Edinburgh last week!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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