Intelligent input to produce life by chance!

by Ken Ham

The secularists are at it again—releasing information that received news headlines across the nation (and presumably around the world) that they are close to creating artificial life! (“Artifical life likely in 3 to 10 years” was the headline). AiG put up a front-page article on the web within hours of this news (I encourage you to read this article), and a more detailed article by AiG scientist Dr. Georgia Purdom will be coming soon. You can read the AP story on this news item at the follwing link:

***Here is my favorite quote from the AP news story!!:

“‘We aren’t smart enough to design things, we just let evolution do the hard work and then we figure out what happened,’ Szostak said.”
Let me reword their quote for you. This is what they really meant:
“We aren’t smart enough to design things; we just let God do the hard work, and then we figure out how God did it and try to copy that!”
I still have a cartoon from many years ago that I use in one of my talks. It has a scientist in a sophisticated laboratory surrounded by millions of dollars worth of equipment, and the scientist says, “If I can just synthesize life here in a test tube, I’ll have proven no intelligence was necessary in the beginning.”

Well—more publicity for the creation/evolution issue—and more publicity for AiG and the Creation Museum. Whenever such news reports hit, we end up doing a number of secular and Christian media interviews.

This morning, Moody radio out of Chicago (WMBI) on the Prime Time morning program broadcast live from the Creation Museum. Carl Kerby, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Mark Looy, and I were interviewed (and took phone calls to answer questions) over a 2-hour period.

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