Even a Six-year-old Gets the Message at AiG

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A family from Pennsylvania recently visited the Creation Museum and sent us a touching testimony.  I was particularly interested in the statements of their 6-year-old, who, in a sense, gave the gospel message with the one statement when going through the Cave of Sorrows—“I don’t like this room too much.  I want to go back to the Garden of Eden.”  This 6 year old understood that sin did something terrible to the world, and wanted back to the Garden of Eden—Jesus died and rose so that we can, in a sense, go back to the Garden of Eden.  I loved this testimony so much, I thought you should read it:

I had been excited for months about planning a trip to the museum!  So it was really amazing to see it and observe first-handedly what our gifts and offerings to AiG, through the years, have contributed to.

You did a fabulous job on the planetarium and the interactive theatre, which was every bit as good as those at Disney or MGM.  The kids loved the main lobby area with the fish, birds, waterfalls, and dinosaurs. Our son especially LOVED the dinosaur room and knew all the dinosaur types by name.  And, the gospel message was presented loud and clear, without apology.

In fact, one of the most amazing things was that the message of sin’s consequences was received even by my 6 year old.  The room that re-created the Garden of Eden (complete with waterfalls, Adam and Eve, animals, etc.) was absolutely beautiful, but it was in stark contrast to the next room –which depicted very poignantly what happened when sin entered into the world.  The room was dirty, with graffiti, and depicted women in pain during childbirth, African children starving, IV drug users shooting up, wars, sickness, etc.  My 6 year old turned to me and said, “I don’t like this room too much. I want to go back to the Garden of Eden.”

It was a great way to reinforce to her that God created everything perfectly.  But when man turned his back on God, sin entered the world.  Now we have to live with the repercussions of that sin. Such a simple message, presented in a very powerful way, so that even a child could understand it.

The museum was well worth the 8 hour drive!  We arrived at 9:15 am and didn’t leave until closing at 6 pm.  I never dreamed the museum would hold the attention of myself, my husband, and our 6- and 8-year olds for a full 9 hours.  I have emailed our pastor, telling him about our experience at the museum.”

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