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I thought many of you might be interested in this article about scientific research called “resurrection ecology.” The article speaks for itself, but basically it is enabling scientists to study the changes within microorganisms that supposedly support evolution. However, even in the article they say it is “micro-evolution,” and it only involves variation within the particular kind of organism. There is absolutely no evidence for molecules-to-man evolution—but sadly, many students at academic institutions will be led astray into thinking this research supports molecules-to-man evolutionary changes. But in actual fact, the research fits with what AiG has been saying all along and can be read about in numerous articles on our website.

The article begins:

“In the 1990s, an international team of scientists discovered a method to hatch microscopic animals from eggs more than a century old. The eggs were extracted from the remains of zooplankton collected from lake sediment and hatched in an incubator. The zooplankton subsequently grew to maturity. This feat of perpetual reproduction, which has come to be known as ‘resurrection ecology,’ is revolutionizing the study of evolution.”
The article continues (note the term “micro-evolutionary adjustments”):
“It was discovered that D. retrocurva changed significantly during the 80-year period under study. In particular, there were changes in their helmets and spines in direct relation to fluctuations in predator populations — changes that would make D. retrocurva less appetizing. In other words, as the number of predators increased, the D. retrocurva changed in ways that would help to preserve its numbers against greater predation. Such micro-evolutionary adjustments had been observed in D. retrocurva fossils, but resurrection ecology brought the historical record alive.”
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Yesterday we were interviewed by two local TV stations for their news broadcasts in relation to the large numbers visiting the Creation Museum and the application AiG has made for permission to have another large parking lot constructed. Thousands continue to pour into the Creation Museum—over 160,000 so far.

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