Chinese students impacted by AiG message

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AiG’s Director of Creation Evangelism, Cecil Eggert, reports:

Recently a group of seven Chinese exchange students from Dayton, Ohio, visited the Creation Museum. At the end of their tour they met with some museum staff to discuss what they saw in the museum. All of them had questions, and most of the conversation was about the global Flood, their belief there was a lack of a flood account in Chinese history, and the value of the biblical account. The meeting went great as these students were open to hearing what God’s Word had to say, how it is our eyewitness account from God, and why we can rely on the biblical account of a worldwide Flood. They were eager to hear answers to the many questions they had, as the discussion lasted for over thirty minutes. As they were leaving, we learned they were going back to China next month. We gave them each a copy of the Answers Book and War of the Worldviews along with many of the AIG booklets. They took everything they could get their hands on! What a great opportunity to impact these students whom we may never see again. Please continue to pray for the many people from all over the world whose lives are being changed through the clear message of the Creation Museum. We will also be providing them with a copy of Ethel Nelson’s book God’s Promise to the Chinese—which shows clearly the Flood account (and other aspects of the Christian message) is represented in certain Chinese characters (it is a fascinating book, by the way, and can be obtained through the AiG online bookstore).

Thousands continue to pour into the Creation Museum

Every day is a busy day at the Creation Museum. Yesterday, over 2,300 poured into the Creation Museum. At the end of today, total attendance since opening week will be around 140,000 (in approximately 10 weeks)—way beyond our expectations—but what a confirmation from the Lord that this facility be built. AiG scientists, artists, and fabricators continue to tweak things throughout the museum—and over time, new exhibits (and special children’s interactive areas) will be added.

Creation message gets to Peru students

A teacher from Peru writes:
“Greetings from Peru!!!! I want to let you know that we keep praying that you keep firm in God’s Word, it's the way that everything makes sense. I’m an English teacher, and a way to share the gospel with my students is by making them do different kinds of research to debate in class, which as an example is “Creations vs evolution” and wow, as one cartoon I read from your site once about a kid saying about the big bang (very funny by the way) that’s what happens, you question the so called “facts” of evolution and “bam!” people who believe in that start trying to convince you, with no success since they don’t have reliable evidences. I once read a nice famous phrase from Leonardo Da Vinci “He who knows what he is talking about won’t try to find an excuse to raise his voice” which is something I share with them to let them know I’m not deaf when they start screaming LOL! It’s pretty encouraging what you’re doing with the articles and resources you have on your website. Congratulations everyone at Answers in Genesis and Praise the Lord!!!! Psalm 19:7.”

Creation message reaches public school students

A public school teacher writes:
“I am a public school teacher. My husband and I have supported the museum from the beginning. We visited in June and were amazed at the professional design and accuracy of the exhibits. It was far more than anything we could have imagined. We went home and got a group together from our church. We returned just this past week with 19 adults and teens from our church. Our pastor has really gotten on board. I have purchased several books to put in my public school classroom library for my students self selected reading time. This is perfectly legal since the students are able to choose the books they read. My church teens were also excited to have the book Evolution Exposed. I purchased enough earlier in the year for each one to have a copy but their visit to the museum motivated them to actually take a copy to read. Thanks for all you do. You are always in our prayers.”

Prayer and fast day

Today is a special day at AiG—a day of prayer and fasting where staff and AiG prayer partners pray (and fast on a voluntary basis) for various aspects of the AiG/Creation Museum ministry. You can find out more about how to pray for AiG at the AiG prayer website.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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