Worried about giving creationists publicity

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A blogger on the Guardian UK Science section is worried that the media are giving publicity to creationists. He wrote:

In a world where any uninformed lunatic - not just journalists - can cast their inexpert ramblings into the blogosphere for anyone to read, scientists increasingly have a problem. Bogus scientific notions that fit with a favoured political credo spread like wildfire and scientists can do little to stem the tide. Climate change, MMR and intelligent design, to take just three examples, are all topics where the sea of falsehood can seem overwhelming.

Of course, this is not only the internet's fault - the traditional media has played its part too. But what is a scientist to do? Argue with the climate sceptic, and she gives the impression that there is a real debate on the issue. Carefully explain why intelligent design is wrong and he risks fuelling a non-existent scientific controversy.

The stakes are perhaps even higher with Kentucky's new-ish creation museum. In less than 2 months, the place had pulled in over 100,000 visitors, at $19.95 a throw or $1000 for life membership. I haven't been, but its visitors are paying for a pretty flimsy grasp on reality.

You can read the rest of his entry.


Recently, James Montalto (New York) and Cindy Flores (New Mexico) were married by a long-time pastor friend (from Texas) of the bride in the Gardens at the Creation Museum. James is a lifetime member of the museum and bought tickets to the museum for the Wedding guests. The couple are huge supporters of the museum and thought it was a great idea and would be special to get married at the Museum. Both love the Lord and exemplified that in their ceremony. I’ve attached a photograph taking during the wedding ceremony.


Quote of the Week

The quote of the week would have to be from a person trying to justify the Gap Theory using the old English of the King James Bible. He said in his response to AiG’s articles critiquing the Gap idea that “A Bible believer doesn’t give a hoot what the Hebrew or Latin says—English is superior.” (I think he meant “Greek” not “Latin”!) I don’t think his quote deserves any specific comment from us!!!

The Reason God Is Blessing

A museum visitor sent this comment in regard to why he believes God is blessing (and He certainly is) the Creation Museum project:

I was about to finish another comment card after attending the “Last Adam.” but will pass it to you here. I was overwhelmed with the way your team summarized the entire exhibit and history of the world/universe, by making a Gospel appeal at the end. It was wonderful and Biblical. No doubt this is the reason God is blessing. The Creation Museum is truly an evangelistic center. PTL! The crowds appear massive. Your staff is attentive. Their interest is personal. It is obvious their hearts are in the mission and work they are doing. You are touching lives for eternity. The Kingdom of Heaven will need to be increased because of what you folks are doing. My heart has been warmed by our experience at the museum. We had hoped to get multi-day tickets, but found our time from 9:30 a.m. to 6:10 p.m. yesterday to be very fulfilling.

Answers Magazine Still Best Seller

Answers magazine continues to be a best seller—and has been since it was first offered on the AiG website over a year ago. Not only are subscriptions growing daily in the US , but they are also growing greatly in the UK. We are getting rave reviews from this cutting edge publication with its associated website. I praise the Lord for the talented, innovative and creative graphic designers who have made this magazine into the professional first class and cutting edge magazine that it is. If you haven’t subscribed to the worlds leading creation/worldview family magazine, then make sure you do so today.

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