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Glaciers melting from global warming?

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Mally and I are back from the Alaskan Cruise. We had a great time with nearly 500 AiG supporters. The weather was just beautiful. In fact, when we sailed up into Glacier Bay, we were told it was the clearest weather in a long time. Some of the staff on the ship said they had not seen it that clear in 2 years. I was able to get a lot of photographs of the Fair Weather Mountains—so named as you only see them in Fair Weather. I also took many photographs of the glaciers (see the two included with this blog).

256-5611_img.JPG 255-5516_img.JPG

It was interesting to hear the park ranger (who boarded the ship to give commentary) say that the glacier that eroded Glacier Bay was at the coast 200 years ago—then it melted fairly quickly—and now it is melting back but not as quickly. She then went on to say that global warming caused by man (pollution, etc) is responsible for the glaciers melting back. I don’t think she can see how illogical her statements were, as 200 years ago, man would not have contributed much in the way of pollution from industrialization! Actually, all the statements she made about the glaciers (except for some of her dates) fitted exactly with what creationist Michael J. Oard has proposed in his Ice Age model.

The park rangers also explained how the glaciers cause massive erosion and can erode valleys quickly, etc. The more they talked, the more Mike Oard's model was verified!

Actually, as I said to some of our supporters, there has been global warming since the Ice Age that was generated by the Flood! As there will never be another global Flood, there will never be an ice age like the one the Flood generated. The Rangers said that man needed to try to stop the melting back, etc! Because they deny the Bible’s account of the Flood, they only think in terms of what is happening at the present, and therefore, they don’t understand the big picture at all.

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