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AiG recently sent out a press release informing Christian and secular media that 100,000 people had visited the Creation Museum since opening week (100,000 in seven weeks). A news item concerning this appeared in many secular newspapers and Christian news sources. I was also interviewed by a number of Christian radio stations concerning this exciting news. Citizenlink—a lobbying arm of Focus on the Family also carried this news item at:

Creation Museum visit a “birthday present”

I have included quotes from an email sent to us by someone who visited the Creation Museum as part of his birthday present:
“My wife and I are writing to you concerning your ministry and your museum. I first stumbled upon Answers-in-Genesis earlier this year, a few months before the museum opened. I was researching something on-line and I came across an article from your website. Being very impressed by the quality of what I was read, I started doing some more digging in the website…We would like to say thank you for all the hard work you guys do. We want to thank everyone involved in this ministry for their service to the Lord which often can seem so thankless. You are under constant criticism from many worldly organizations who say all sorts of nasty things, and you also have to deal with many misguided believers picking at you too. Keep up the good work!!!! Your dedication is being blessed abundantly by our Lord; you are being used to strengthen the Body and you are being used to touch the lost.

“…We drove down and were there from the 14th of July until the 16th (I took the 16th off of work). This was to be the biggest part of my birthday present (25 as of July 14th). We spent two days to try and take everything in. My wife and I were absolutely blown away by the quality of the museum! As we waited in line on Saturday, we excitedly talked about what wonders the museum contained. We were touched by the fact that because I'm active duty military, I received a free ticket…Regarding the Men-In-White video...genius! It sets up perfectly what the museum is all about…The Garden of Eden was breathtaking! What a beautiful depiction of a sinless world …The displays regarding Noah's Ark, Mt. St. Helens, and the Ice Age were stunning as was the Wonders of Creation exhibit. We deeply enjoyed reaching more into the science of much of this and seeing displays showing how these things are excessively feasible. The Babel exhibits also brought new understanding to us as well. We never thought of the fact that those people were also violating God's command to fill the Earth. We also enjoyed the anti-racism facets to this display. We are all one blood. God made all of us equal in His sight and we all have the undeserved dignity and honor of being related by blood to Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh! To hate another person because of color is unimaginably stupid and ignorant.

“…The presentation of the gospel message at the end was beautiful. We really appreciated the fact that the staff didn't shy away from the horror of it nor its significance…But the message was also presented in such a way that it didn't force it down anyone's throat! A very fine balance was found here which once again displayed the wisdom of all involved. Why do I say "force down someone's throat?" One need only look at what evolutionists do to our children's school books to see my point. There’s a difference between presenting something for careful review and forcing someone to listen…”

People continue to pour into the Creation Museum day after day. Please be praying for the upcoming Alaska Cruise with around 500 AiG supporters, and also for my upcoming speaking in Seattle this coming Sunday morning.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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