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AiG staff member Stacia McKeever was thanked for her review of Evan Almighty. If you haven't read it, you can do so at the AiG website.

“Just a quick praise on the Evan Almighty movie review by Stacia McKeever on June 23, 2007. I completely agree with the thoughts. Basically with the current culture and worldly views it is good to see an attempt at good wholesome movies but at the same time right is right and wrong is wrong. I like the idea of using this movie as a segway into telling folks about the real size and purpose of the ark and what God really desire for us. Of course, we must do it in a tactful and loving manner. Thanks for the great article and beautiful website. God Bless all AIG does.”

Our trip to the Creation Museum

If you haven’t been to the Creation Museum, then read this email and see if it encourages you to do so soon:
“... our family went to the Creation Museum ... The area has much to see ... There’s more than enough at the Creation Museum to keep your family busy and interested for at least a day, more likely 2 days. The Cincinnati Zoo is nearby and is rated in the top 5 zoos in the country .... [The museum] far exceeded our expectations. It is equal in quality to the world class museums we have visited - British Museum in London, Smithsonian in Washington, etc. - but unlike those government funded museums, this museum’s purpose is to glorify God and show that the physical world we can observe today is explained better by God's account in Genesis than by an evolutionary paradigm.

“I thought the quality was better as well. Like the government museums, it had first class displays, fossils, etc. However, it also had over 60 videos running in loops to help explain what was presented as well as animatronics. These videos are state of the art productions and convey much more information than you typically get at a standard museum. Videos and animatronics really grab the kids as well (we had a 5 year old who really loved all the moving dinosaurs and people).

“The next room is the Wonders Room that presents the case for Intelligent Design, followed by a room designed to show the decay of our contemporary culture (and church) that has abandoned Christ and embraced secular humanism.

“The rest of the walk presents history from the Bible's account. We particularly liked the Ark section -- a very large room where a very small part of the Ark is shown being worked on. Information about how the physical evidence we can observe today fits better with the Bible’s account than evolutionary science's account, is mixed in as you go.

“The Planetarium is fantastic also...the Creation Museum's planetarium is state of the art digital. The latest photos from NASA can be mapped onto the planets as they become available and compared to the older projectors that come with a fixed number of stars, the Creation Museum’s projector is --- astronomical in possibilities :) And the PhD astrophysicist they have on staff, Dr. Jason Lyles [sic], puts it through it's paces -- to the glory of God ... This museum (and AiG) will be a great tool if you use it.”

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