Ken Ham, Creation Museum, and Crocodile Hunter

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I had to smile when I read this comment in a newspaper article about the Creation Museum:

Another source of evolutionist irritation is museum co-founder Ken Ham, a 55-year-old former science teacher who may be the most engaging Australian to hit the airwaves since the Crocodile Hunter.
This came from an article in the Indianapolis Star—Creation Museum: 3-D view of Genesis


A supporter wrote about the need for kids to receive creation apologetics teaching:

Last year, I went to a conference at Sandy Cove, and heard Ken Ham give his message for the first time. I immediately changed my homeschool curriculum from the traditional to Answer in Genesis curriculum. I have experienced in my own children a falling away as they got older, and often wondered, "How come this happened." It even happened to my daughter, who attended [a Christian University] and studied of all things, Apologetics!!!!

I can see through the eye-opening messages from AiG, how it could happen. Without the foundational truths, Genesis 1-11, the whole thing can crumble. I, too, used to think that all people needed to know was that they are sinners, Christ died and shed his blood for us, rose again on the third day, and all we need to do is repent, and accept Christ as Savior.

What an eye opener his message has been to me. This is the reason I wish to be involved as much as possible in getting his message to all parents about the dangers of evolutional teachings...that indeed, it is destructive. I have homeschooled my children/grandchildren for over 20 years, and have a lot of homeschool connections. This is the area in which I would like to concentrate. To help families know it is not enough to just teach Christ, but to let them know why? Kids this day are too savvy to not tell them in detail, why evolution is false, and why Creation matters.


We continue to receive media requests from around the world about the Creation Museum. On Monday I did 15 interviews, and on Tuesday I did 6 interviews—with quite a number booked for today. Apparently, I am being interviewed by a number of Irish stations today. Yesterday, I was interviewed on the national ABC radio breakfast show in Australia—the most-listened-to radio program in my home country! It was an extremely good interview.

I have attached photographs of some of the fireworks that ended the opening day's activities at the Creation Museum on Monday.

Opening Day Fireworks 3 Opening Day Fireworks 2 Opening Day Fireworks

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