Over 4000 at Creation Museum first day

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They came, and they came, and they came--over 4000 came for the first day the Creation Museum was open to the public! They were lined up inside, then outside, then down the side of the building, then back again and looped again! Some people waited 3 hours to finally get in to the Museum--but the ones I talked to didn't complain, but would say, “praise the Lord we do have to wait.”

I've included some photographs taken at the first open day. During the week I'll include many more.

Today I did another 15 interviews. The press from all over the world came today. Between ribbon-cutting and today, the international press became abuzz with the news about the Museum. And as we say--this is just the beginning.

I have to get up to leave at 5 am in the morning to go to a TV studio for a live remote to be on FOX and Friends with an atheist!

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