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There have been many great articles in the secular press about the Creation Museum. Most have reported our statements very accurately—which we are thankful for. An article I read in the Toledo Blade is one of the best I’ve read from an accurate reporting perspective.

It begins:

PETERSBURG, Ky. - Ken Ham welcomed the world’s media and hundreds of invited guests to the $27 million Creation Museum here yesterday, calling it a “historic event in Christendom.”
The 60,000-square-foot facility in suburban Cincinnati, which opens to the public tomorrow, is designed to offer a biblical perspective not just on the origins of the universe, but on the meaning of life. And it does so in a way that competes with major theme parks in its entertainment quality, with exhibits created by former Universal Studios designer Patrick Marsh.
Life-size animatronic dinosaurs twist and growl, for example; Noah turns his head as he gives instructions to workmen building the Ark, and seats shake and spray visitors with mist in the Special Effects Theater.
Mr. Ham, 56, a founder of the museum and president and CEO of Answers in Genesis, the nonprofit ecumenical Christian group that built the museum, said the mission is to “challenge people concerning God’s truth and the Gospel.” A native of Australia, where he taught high school science, Mr. Ham said the Creation Museum uses 21st-century technology “to take on a particular paradigm that permeates the world,” referring to evolution.”
You can also read the entire article. I have also included photographs of the sign “DefCon says thou shalt not lie” as it was flown back and forth across the Museum skies by the opposition.

I basically did radio, newspaper, and magazine interviews all day today—from New Zealand, Australia, and USA.

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