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What a day! After arriving late last night (flight was delayed—and delayed), then getting up early—my day went like this:

  • Live Interview on FOX and Friends on the FOX News Channel (aired nationwide)
  • Live interview with the FOX News radio station in Sacramento, Calif.
  • Live interview with the FOX News radio in Tampa
  • Live interview with the FOX News radio in Chicago
  • A recorded interview with the FOX News radio in Louisville, Ky.
  • TV interview outside the American Museum of Natural History of New York with CNN SPAIN
  • Recorded radio interview with Family News in Focus (a radio outreach of Focus on the Family)
  • Interview with a reporter from Newsweek
  • Interview with a reporter from Religion News Service
  • Interview with a reporter from the Christian Post
  • TV interview with BELIEFNET
  • Live radio interview with ABC radio Australia
  • Live interview with Alan Combs FOX Radio with arch creation enemy Dr. Eugenie Scott on the phone
THAT’S 13 INTERVIEWS IN ONE DAY! My day finished at around midnight—then up at 4 am to get to Washington DC for another day of media! Meanwhile, Mark Looy and others are doing interviews with media coming to AiG. So far around 70 different media groups have signed up to come to the opening of the Museum.


This past weekend, the home church of our family (Sunnybank District Baptist Church) in Brisbane Australia (we are official missionaries from this church to the USA) featured the missionaries associated with the church. I sent over material for the church to display about the Creation Museum. See the photograph of the booth set up for this occasion.



I received a lot of feedback from my appearance on FOX and Friends Monday morning. Here is an excerpt from an email:

PRAISE GOD! This morning on Fox news I found out my prayers have been answered. For over 30 yrs I have attended a large church in Ithaca NY. Cornell University is here, and the church has many members in the science field who hold PHD's… Like many churches, they refuse to take a stand on the issue of the Biblical account of Creation. Many of these men consider themselves believers. They claim they believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. But. There's always a 'but' in 'The Beginning'. I have been told "it would be a mistake to teach your children that God created the world in six days, because when they are older they will learn the truth, (?) that the earth is _millions of years old and then they will lose their faith"… Thanks for Truth

Please continue to pray for all the media interviews, and for staff and contractors as they continue to finish out the Creation Museum.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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