21 Creation Museum media interviews on the East Coast

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On Monday, I reported to you that I did 13 interviews that day in New York for the Creation Museum.

Yesterday (Tuesday), I did another 8 interviews in Washington, DC:

  1. SRN (Salem Radio Network) News
  2. Concerned Women for America (radio program)
  3. Citizen Link—a ministry of Focus on the Family (see the report on their website: http://www.citizenlink.org/CLNews/A000004687.cfm)
  4. NPR (National Public Radio—they want to do another interview later)
Interviews for this week:
  1. CNN—recorded TV interview for Situation Room, probably to by aired Friday between 6–7 p.m.
  2. CBN recorded interview (Christian Broadcasting Network—part of interview will also appear on the 700 Club)
  3. CBN TV live feed for news program
  4. AP (Associated Press—recorded interview for use in various news programs)
We have more media at the Creation Museum today (I arrived home very late last night) including Good Morning America (ABC TV).

This week we’ve allowed our Charter Members (there are now over 9,000 such members) of the Creation Museum to come in for a sneak preview of the Creation Museum. Various exhibits are still being tweaked, and some construction is still underway—but the response has been phenomenal. I've included some photos of more of the Museum and one of the Charter Members as they arrived this week.

opening-day-outdoors-05-21.jpg opening-day-05-21-07-033.jpg opening-day-05-21-07-006.jpg

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