Creation Museum accused of "lies" and "fraud"

by Ken Ham

A group calling itself DefCon (Campaign to Defend the Constitution) sent out a press release accusing the Creation Museum of "lies" and "fraud." One of DefCon's Advisory Board members is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Case Western University. Now keep in mind, neither this professor nor a leader from DefCon (to our knowledge*) has been through the Creation Museum (it does not open until May 28), has read any of the signs, has seen any of the videos, has seen one of the planetarium programs. Yet, the Creation Museum is accused of "lies" and "fraud." Because these people know we believe God's Word in Genesis, and because they reject the Bible, they accuse us because they've already decided that Genesis is not true! Reminds one of the spiritual battle we are in. Their press release states:

A $27 million dollar creationist museum is generating widespread outrage among educators nationwide who contend that it is what one distinguished professor called the "institutionalization of a lie." Opponents say that the focus on marketing to children is analogous to the infamous "Joe Camel" campaign, which used a cartoon image to promote cigarette smoking among young people. Educators are signing onto a petition launched today by the Campaign to Defend the Constitution (DefCon) to oppose the institution—DefCon supports freedom of speech and religion for a private institution such as AIG, but insists educators, the media and citizens speak out on what the petition labels a campaign to "confuse our children and undermine our nation's commitment to scientific understanding."
"The so-called 'Creation Museum' is the institutionalization of a lie," said Lawrence Krauss, Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Case Western University and DefCon Advisory Board member. "It is not about religion, it is about scientific fraud."…"After rejection by the scientific community and the courts, the religious right has spent $27 million on a disinformation campaign that lies to children about how our earth and species evolved," said DefCon member and Ohio State School Board Representative "Sam" Schloemer. "This systemic undermining of science education has dangerous consequences for our nation's future."

How's that for an attention grabber! It is the headline from the Telegraph (United Kingdom). Of course, once one does read the article, it is easy to see that it is a typical over-the-top headline from a secular press in love with evolution. In the section below quoted from the article, note the use of the words, "tentative," "suggests," and "may have":

Astronomers have captured enough light from two planets far beyond our own solar system to reveal details of their chemical make-up, marking a new phase in the search for extraterrestrial life. By analysing the faint glow of one of these alien worlds they have found tentative evidence that suggests the presence of chemicals which play a role in one theory of how life began on Earth. The chemicals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, may have helped the formation of RNA, the ancestral genetic material of DNA, the building-blocks of life on our own planet.
You can read the entire article on the Telegraph website.


AiG staff member John and his wife Jennifer have announced the arrival of Adele born May 11. They now have two girls. John's brother (Tony, who works in IT at AiG) and his wife were thrilled to announce recently the birth of Josiah, on March 11. Josiah was born exactly two months prior to the day his cousin Adele was born! (see attached photographs).

adele.jpg josiah-smiling-w-grace.jpg

Tony and John praise the Lord for these little blessings and look forward to using the Genesis of a Legacy curriculum to help to "bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." Both John and Tony were involved in the Genesis of a Legacy videos.

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*If they ever visited (e.g., by sneaking in with museum charter members when construction tours were held, a time when very few exhibits were finished), they did not present themselves as DefCon representatives.

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