Kids hungry for the Word of God

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More and more churches are using Creation Evangelism and seeing great responses. An AiG enthusiast writes:

This is in reference to I'm not writing about a missions organization but about our church; Our church is relatively new and we are still kinda like a house church. Our children's ministry (K-5) leaders really spent a lot of time praying about how what to start teaching our children. This is what they are doing. They are going verse-by-verse through the book of Genesis. It has been absolutely incredible. The children are learning so much. They have been in Genesis for several months and are only up to chapter 5. The teachers talked about God's perfect creation and then they talked in depth about sin and what exactly that is. They told them how we are all children of Adam and Eve and thus children born in sin and separated from God. And they just finished going over Cain and Able and Seth. They explained how Cain represent one choice (sin) and how Able and Seth represent the other choice (following God). Then they talked about how God sent Jesus to make a way for us and to cleanse us and forgive us of all our sins. Why Jesus came then made sense to them. Next they are going to talk about Noah. So many churches just try to entertain the kids. They may have fun but it doesn't help them get the firm foundation they need to face this sinful world we live in. They think kids don't want to go verse-by-verse through the Bible. Well, they are wrong. Our kids are just as hungry for the Word as adults. Thanks so much for your ministry and the upcoming Creation Museum. May the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and direct you.
Today was a busy day: four media interviews ??and then I spoke for an hour to the new Guest Services staff hired for the Museum. Also I had meetings with staff and showed some VIP'??s around the Creation Museum. The days seem to go so quickly.

I am currently preparing for the four talks I will be giving in Atlanta Georgia this Friday and Saturday at the Home Educators Conference. You can find out the details at:

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