Construction and media at Creation Museum

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Secular and Christian media contacts continue on a daily basis at AiG (usually 3 or more a day). During the past 2 days, Switzerland, Indonesia and Germany were represented by reporters who visited the Creation Museum. On Thursday, local TV channel 12 visited for an update. Just as channel 12 left the building, Swiss journalist Jean-Cosme Delaloye was arriving! I have also conducted various radio interviews. Each day closer to the Museum opening seems to get busier!


Mally and I will be in Atlanta for two days while I speak at the Atlanta Home Educators conference. More than 5000 attend this conference. For information on my speaking schedule, go to the AiG Event section of the website.


There are not many cabins left on the whole ship, but you may be able to book some of the few cabins left for AiG's Alaskan Cruise in July/August. AiG's group is by far the largest on this cruise. You can find out more information from the AiG website.

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