AiG website now more powerful

by Ken Ham on May 2, 2007

Due to technical difficulties, the AiG website had some major problems a few days ago. As the website had to basically go down for a few days, the AiG web team took the time to make some major changes to make the site more robust and powerful. A BIG THANKS particularly to Adam, for the many extra hours he put in during this time. I praise the Lord for the dedication of the AiG staff. The AiG website is such a tremendous ministry outreach. As one supporter wrote:

Praise God that your website is fully working again. Our familiy has been praying for AiG and the technical problems. Satan will not get the victory, God will. Our daughter has been witnessing to a friend at her public school. Her friend Kevin does not believe that God created the world. We are getting information from AiG to share with Kevin. She also wants Kevin to go to AiG and study on his own. The Lord has been softening his heart and we believe that he is willing to take a look. With God nothing is impossible and prayer is powerful. Please pray for Kevins salvation and we will continue to pray for you. God Bless You.
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying



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