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Here is a great testimony on the effectiveness of chronological teaching and creation evangelism from a reader of the Answers magazine article (Vol. 1 No. 1) that was posted recently on AiG's website.

I'm the 4th and 5th grade coordinator at [our church]. We have been using New Tribes' "Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ" for almost two years now. The results are priceless. From the time I began college, I have questioned the way the church is generally presenting the gospel today. In reality, the simple tracts, presenting only the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior are not having as great of an impact as they once had. I believe that one of the reasons for this is the Biblical illiteracy which dominates our society. When tracts were originally handed out, they were handed given to people who had some Bible background; but today, people with even minimal Bible knowledge are difficult to find. Unfortunately, this Biblical illiteracy is also found in the church--much more than most people would like to admit. Since we have started using the creation evangelism approach, both our children, and their parents have grown in their knowledge of the Scriptures. They understand the Bible to be one continual story, with one outstanding purpose--the message of redemption through Christ alone! It is when this outstanding purpose is revealed, and the dots are connected throughout Scripture, that the lights go off, and a Biblical understanding of redemption takes place. I've also seen this work with neighbors, and children at the YMCA. I believe creation evangelism to be, in most cases, a necessity.

A news item from states:

Workers at a museum that will focus on the biblical account of creation say the facility is changing lives, even though it has not yet officially opened. Most recently, a 28-year-old construction worker accepted Christ as Savior and Lord after working at the Creation Museum site for a few months. Hear This Report...Ken Ham is president of Answers in Genesis (AIG), the biblical creationist and Christian apologetics group that is opening the Creation Museum, its $27-million project in northern Kentucky near Cincinnati. So far, he says, ten contractors have been saved while working at the museum, where many of the workers hear the gospel as they inquire about the museum.
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A new Gazebo (which was basically donated to the Creation Museum project) has been installed on the East side of the lake. On Monday night I spoke in Louisville to the golfers who participated in the golf outing to benefit the Creation Museum. We praise the Lord for the various ways funds are raised for the Museum project.

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