Creation Museum in Russian Newsweek

by Ken Ham on April 13, 2007

An article that appeared in the Russian Newsweek has been translated into English on the Newsweek website. I groan at some of the things in the article, but for a secular article, it is good coverage. The article states:

Welcome, instead, to the Creation Museum. Here, dozens of exhibits attempt to show the Bible as the literal truth and the theory of evolution as unsupportable by science. Creationists believe that the Garden of Eden did exist, that the world is 6,000 years old, that God created man and animals simultaneously, and that the flood wiped out every living creature that wasn’t inside Noah’s Ark.

The museum will open to the public in late May, and founder Ken Ham hopes it will attract 250,000 visitors in its first year.

Creation Museum Article in Associated Press

Associated Press took up a story in the Kentucky/Cincinnati Enquirer about the amount of money raised thus far for the Creation Museum, and the article then appeared in other newspapers across the nation.

The story began: A northern Kentucky museum that teaches the biblical story of creation has raised $27 million in private donations, museum organizers said. The entire article is at:

Rainbow Covenant Diorama

I’ve included a photograph of the Rainbow Covenant Diorama that has been installed in the Creation Museum Ark Room exhibit. This diorama was produced by sculptors Stephanie and Carolyn. The mural (mountains, sky and rainbow) was created by AiG muralist Mark Coe. He created it in just a few hours! Praise the Lord for such God given talent.

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