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Recently, a correspondent for a leading German newspaper visited AiG and the Creation Museum. He spent time interviewing me, Dr. Jason Lisle, and Mark Looy. Correspondent Christoph von Marschall is the Washington, D.C., bureau chief of one of Germany's leading newspapers, Der Tagesspiegel (roughly translated Daily Mirror, but it is in no way connected to the British tabloid of the same name). The paper is based in Berlin, but it is read all over Germany-it is considered to be a newspaper for intellectuals, businessmen, etc. He visited and toured the museum on Tuesday, April 3 (see attached scan of newspaper article). The sub-headline to the article-which had a photo of our main hall with dinosaurs and children together is: Bible-faithful Christians want to prove that Darwin was wrong with a museum in Kentucky (as roughly translated by Mark Looy's father).

AiG's Chief Communications Officer (and one of the founders of AiG), Mark had his father read through the article, and he sent this summary to us:

Well written, civilized. The first two thirds is a description of the museum without any commentary. The last third critiques creation in general -- very difficult to translate, though. They quote the Guardian (UK newspaper) as saying that it is the world's first creation museum, and then disputes the museum’s content. It mentioned a $19.00 admission fee and that the battle for the truth is also a business.

Mark’s father then related that Mark himself is described as a 52-year-old tall, white-haired VP, trained radio journalist and media person. Ken with his beard and hairdo could pass for a biblical patriarch.

Well I guess I would rather be described as looking like a biblical patriarch than some famous criminal! Apparently, the article has been picked up by other German publications and German On Line news sources.


We received this from the team leader of the Lake of the Woods Church group. They were at the Creation Museum recently doing all sorts of volunteer work (just one of the MANY volunteer teams that have made phenomenal contributions to the construction of the Creation Museum). I’ve attached a photograph of this mission team.

Our mission trip to the AIG Creation Museum for a week in early March was just a fantastic experience for all 13 of us that came from Lake of the Woods Church. We had 7 of us give their summary of the trip to our congregations during 4 different services a couple of Sundays ago. All had a rich experience and our church received it well, and generated some excitement about the project and the subject matter. As adult mission trip leader, I was a little concerned because this was a slight departure from our normal type of short term mission trip. I am so glad we decided to take on this challenge. We were all very impressed with the work being done there, the Christian fellowship of the workers, be they AIG employees, contractors, or volunteers. Several in our group said it was so different working in an environment of cooperation and sharing, where there was a common goal of helping to proclaim the truth through such an organization. It was a refreshing environment, despite the frenzied pace getting ready for the opening. We were all kept very busy too, which we wanted. We look forward to coming back to see the finished products, especially the projects we helped on (cafeteria cabinets, tongue and groove maple flooring, and the vines, flowers and leaves for the trees). We know it will be a marvelous display when it is done. It was great being a small part of a huge mission. As I said in my talk to our church, our work was equivalent to maybe putting a couple of boards on the ark, but we can say we helped in our own small way.
The team leader included a couple of testimonies from others in his team:
The Mission trip to AiG was really great. It seemed more like a Christian retreat than a mission. No bad news for a week and being surrounded by Christians throughout the entire day and evening was a real change. We probably have no concept of the importance of this museum being built... I don't believe there is anything like it in the entire world. I would hope that this may be the real turning point to bring our society away from the dominance of evolution in our nation, and in fact in the world, to a return to true Christian values based on the complete Bible. This could very well be the sounding of the death throes of the Darwin Farce, and we were part of it. Halleluiah.
"I received far more than I gave on the mission trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. The fellowship with the others from Lake of the Woods Church was intimate and sincere. These are brothers and sisters in Christ that I grew to respect and love because of who they are and their deep commitment to their Christian walk. The purpose of the Creation Museum really settled upon me while I volunteered there. They are declaring the truth of the scriptures from the very beginning, in Genesis, not wavering on anything. We met so many talented and dedicated people. It was a real treat to meet Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, and author of many books. I was also blessed to meet Daniel Lietha, their cartoonist and illustrator. I would like to thank the LOW congregation for their prayers and financial support."
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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