AiG’s Role re Oregon Public School Teacher Being Fired

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Many of you may have seen the news item about a science teacher in Oregon who was fired for supposedly teaching creation in a public school science classroom. I spoke to the teacher, Kris Helphinstine, on Thursday via telephone. Despite what some in the media have claimed, the facts are very different. Kris handed out two articles that were published by Answers in Genesis. In one (an article I wrote about poodles and natural selection), Kris had removed all references to God and the Bible but left my name on as author—that was a “mistake”! Once certain parents realized who Ken Ham was (CEO of AiG), that created a problem. Also, in the other article, he blacked out a sentence where God was mentioned but left the name “Answers in Genesis” on the bottom another “mistake”!

Kris was really just teaching the students about natural selection trying to teach them to think. He also taught them about the connection between evolution and eugenics (which, by the way, is documented fact).

This really shows the state of things in American public schools when a teacher is fired, basically because he used materials that come from a creationist organization. Answers in Genesis and/or Ken Ham were mentioned in some newspaper articles. For instance:

According to Rahm the material was "conspicuously intelligent design type information or teaching. Actually if you took the material and Googled the crucial passages it takes you to a creationist Web site called Answers in Genesis,, that is run by Ken Ham. ... One of the lines in his (Ham's) mission statement for the Web site is any statement which contradicts the Bible is inherently false," Rahm said.

You can read the entire article at The Nugget Newspaper website.

Pray for Kris as he decides what to do for his future.

One in Five Passengers on Cruise Ship from AiG

As of today, 422 AiG supporters have signed up for the Alaskan Cruise! That means every 5th person on the Cruise will be from AiG. People from six countries are now signed up for the AiG Cruise, including a lady from Luxembourg. I have a feeling many people on this Cruise ship don’t know they will be hearing about the truth of creation and the gospel!! For further information (there are still some cabins available) on the cruise, go to our Cruise events listing.

Spanish Videos to Go to Australia

This week we had a request for our new Spanish-language videos to go to Australia we of course will send them what they need to distribute among the Spanish ministry there.

Dear brothers in Christ, the main reason for the present E-MAIL is to request this beautiful material [the videos]. I am Pastor in Spanish, as also I am collaborating in the ministry in English working together, with my dear brother [pastor] in AUSTRALIA. I see that this material, has interesting subjects that they can be of much blessing within God people.

God bless you.

I have attached a photograph of workers beginning the pylons for the large gazebo on the south end of the lake at the Creation Museum. I thought you would also like to see Martin Luther as he’s been placed in the Biblical Authority room exhibit.

Placing Pylons for gazebo at Creation Museum Martin Luther Exhibit in Creation Museum

On Thursday evening, I spoke at the Cincinnati Home School conference. When I arrived, one of the first people I met said, “I want to thank you for your resources/ministry. We used them in Alaska, and your materials stopped my brother heading in the wrong direction!” It really is encouraging to get such feedback.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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