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My heart was deeply touched today as I read a letter for a dear saint who supports AiG. I’ve attached her actual letter for you to see and printed it out as well. It speaks for itself:

Dear Ken,
I’m 78, suffering with cancer and unable to teach anymore in church, or go on another mission. However, I can still do something in the Savior’s cause by donating all possible out of my retirement income to help finish your wonderful museum. Be grateful you have outrageous opposition; it’s a witness that you are doing something significant against evil and error, and in defense of our marvelous creator.
It was thrilling today to walk through the Creation Walk and see the trees going up—see attached photograph.

We have a large number of volunteers at the Creation Museum for the next few days—some from a Bible college and others from a Christian High School. Thousands of volunteers over the past few years have greatly contributed to the building of the facility.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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