Interbreeding species is evolution?

by Ken Ham

An interesting item from National Geographic News reported on different species of particular animals breeding and forming hybrids. For instance certain species of butterflies, fish, and so on.

They call this "evolution.' However, creationists would say that this just shows the particular interbreeding species are all a part of the same KIND. The hybrids produced don't support molecules to man evolution, as no new information is formed in the genes---just a different combination of genes from the organisms that were obviously all from the same KIND anyway! The report reads:

A growing number of studies has been presented as evidence that two animal species can combine to produce a third, sexually viable species in a process known as hybrid speciation. Newly identified examples include both insects and fish. This evolutionary process, while known to be common in plants, has long been considered extremely rare among animals. Animals are generally thought to evolve the opposite way, when a single species gradually splits into two over many generations. But some scientists now believe that the behavior that has been called animals' sexual blunders could be an important force in their evolution.

The AiG Board and Leadership Team were involved in various meetings this past week as the board carried out their governance role in supervising this ministry. I have attached a photograph of AiG Board member Dr. Mark Jackson, presenting Creation Museum Exhibit Designer Patrick Marsh with a page from a 500 year old Bible. The second photograph is of the board members who met this past week. The third photograph is of the Board and AiG's leadership team.

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