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The following testimony sums up the real mission of AiG—to see people won to the Lord Jesus Christ! That’s what it is all about—praise the Lord as you read this:

My husband recently decided to dedicate his life to the Lord because of the vast amount of eye-opening evidence published by ministries like AIG and other creationists. I myself have also been so inspired by this ministry as well as others because I now have answers for many questions that the Bible left me with over the years. It is so disheartening to be required to take science classes in college where evolutionary theories are taught as fact. Please continue with this ministry, you are touching more lives than you know, especially in the skeptical times that we live in today.

Answers at Answers!

Shortly after starting at AiG, I was given an office very near the Answers Correspondence Department. Although this department is not seen by most of the public, it plays an extremely important role at AiG. Members of this department field phone calls, letters, and emails from both friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly people who have questions for AiG. It is a job which requires a broad background in the sciences, a firm understanding of the importance of presuppositions in determining our worldview, and knowing where to look or who to ask to find answers to questions people have. I am privileged to assist when the question pertains to my field of expertise in genetics. Occasionally, I will hear one of them on the phone with someone who is obviously not very agreeable. I can sense they are getting frustrated yet they talk with the caller graciously. That is not an easy job! One member of the department who has worked there for several years had this to say:

My work in the Answers Department consists mainly of answering e-mails people have sent in from all over the world, plus many phone calls from people who have scientific and theological questions as well as ones about the ministry and our resources. Since last May, I have been keeping track of the number of countries from which we have received e-mails and the total is now 75.
We receive all kinds of e-mails, both hostile and those containing honest inquiries, on many different topics. Some of the most frequently asked questions are: What is the proper dating of the Egyptian pyramids? Are there two different creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2? Is there a gap of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2? When was Lucifer created and when did he fall? Why do animals appear to be designed as carnivores? And, why aren’t human and dinosaur fossils found together?

Two hostile e-mails received recently stated that the Creation Museum "tops the stupidity charts" and is "stupid and evil." One person wanted to know why we are "so obsessed" with our mission. We also receive many which praise the ministry and encourage us to keep on "keeping on."

In addition, we also receive e-mails from people honestly seeking answers to such vital questions as, "what must I do to be saved?" and "how can I effectively spread the creation gospel message?" Depending on the type and number of questions in each e-mail, it may take us anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes or more to reply. Some e-mails require research (on the internet, in the AiG library, etc.) and therefore take more time than others. Every day is a new day in the Answers Department and presents new challenges for us!

Keep this vital department of AiG in your prayers!

– Georgia Purdom, Ph.D., AiG Speaker, Writer, Researcher.

I arrived home today from the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando. I have attached a photograph of the AiG exhibit (it was very hard to get a good shot of this spectacular booth). Please pray for staff members Ben and Lee as they drive the 18 hours back to Kentucky from Orlando.

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