A busy time at the NRB Convention

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A Busy Time at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention

I have had a VERY busy 24 hours! I arrived in Orlando Florida after traveling all day—delayed flights, tight connections—a frustrating day! On Monday evening, I was invited to a special dinner along with a number of well-known Christian leaders—a list that reads like a "who’s who" in Christendom in the USA. It was such a privilege to fellowship with the heads of many Christian organizations. We were hosted for this dinner at EPCOT center, with a special behind the scenes tour of the large Aquarium exhibit—quite a treat.

Today I basically went from one radio interview to another. As well as some well-known Christian radio hosts, I was also interviewed by the religion reporter for Associated Press. At the end of the day, I also had a phone interview with a reporter from an Education journal who is writing an article on the Creation Museum. I did nothing but talk all day.

The interest in the Creation Museum is phenomenal! As I walked around the large exhibit hall packed with people and exhibit booths, I could hardly walk a few steps and someone would stop me to give a testimony of what the AiG ministry meant to them—so many people know of AiG—what an encouragement all this was. I was also so proud of the AiG booth. I will try to get a good photograph of it for the blog in the next day or two—it was so hard to get a photograph. Congratulations to Ben, Lee, Cindy, Dale, and Dan for all the hard work they put into making this booth happen. Pray for the team as they fly and drive back to Cincinnati. On Tuesday evening, AiG was one of the co-hosts for the final banquet. We also were able to show a two-minute video on the ministry of AiG and the Creation Museum.

At lunch time on Tuesday I had the opportunity to be at a debate between Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State; Michael Newdow, a strong atheist who is most famous for filing a lawsuit on behalf of his daughter against inclusion of the words “under God” in public schools and recitals of the USA Pledge of Allegiance VERSUS Jay Sekulow, who founded the American Center for Law and Justice; and Mat Staver, Dean and Professor of Law at Liberty University. A very interesting debate—the one thing that was very obvious was that Michael Newdow is a very angry man and very angry at Christianity! By the way, the moderator of the debate was Janet Parshall, Host of Janet Parshall’s America in Washington DC. I have been on Janet’s program a number of times. She was a very professional moderator.

They Start Young in the UK

An Answers magazine subscriber sent in the attached photograph of their young child reading it!

I am writing this just before our Tuesday evening banquet at the NRB—on Wednesday a number of us fly back to Cincinnati, while some of the staff drive the truck with the AiG booth back (about 14 hour drive).

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