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(Editor's note: Ken is down in with the stomach flu tonight. He is in Texas at the Beaumont event. Dr. Terry Mortenson is filling in for him.)

Guest Blog - Pam Sheppard, National Editor, Answers Magazine.

Did you know that you can be a creation evangelist without even leaving your house? You can, with Answers Magazine gift subscriptions. This is a great way to reach family members, friends, co-workers, and even people you’ve never met. Magazines abound in doctor’s office and public libraries. Sadly most are filled with evolutionary content and an anti-Christian slant. Why not consider giving your local library or your former college library a gift subscription to Answers magazine?

Our Answers magazine staff frequently receives numerous testimonies from people who have been blessed by gift subscriptions to libraries. Recently the head of the periodicals department of a state university in the east asked if we would consider extending their free subscription because it was about to expire. They had been the recipient of a free gift subscription from an anonymous donor and wanted us to consider extending it “because of the nature and potential exposure to many.” Of course we said “yes,” and were happy to oblige.

Another person recently thanked us for making this opportunity available, and at a reduced rate.

What a pleasure to see Answers magazine on the rack! Thanks for this opportunity to reach out to the community in a small way. I hope more people take advantage of this offer. Lots of small outreaches add up to one large one!

We would love to see Answers magazine get into every library in the United States and eventually around the world. Will you consider being a creation evangelist for your community? Simply go to and click on “Make this a Gift Subscription” under the Subscription Options. For only $18 a year, you can impact thousands of readers—for eternity.

Note: This offer is currently limited to U.S. library addresses only.


(Pray for Ken tonight if you read this blog--hopefully its the 24 hour variety!)

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